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At Aquemini Dreams, we give you everything you need to develop your craft. Our artists often pick out elements from nature in order to create unique pieces of art. Our Artist Collective is full of creative and innovative artists who are waiting for you to come in so you can begin exploring your imagination and creating masterpieces.



Determined Artists

At Aquemini Dreams, we understand the importance of support in an artist’s life. Our collective serves as a creative home to a diverse group people who openly express themselves through art and creativity. We’re dedicated to our team, and we provide each other with appropriate guidance and tools we need to succeed. It’s our mission to ensure that our collective remains strong while catering to our individual styles, personalities and mediums.



AQD began as a daydream of 2 artists in a time long ago, in an ice cream shop far, far away. Surviving long hours, late nights, long walks, brainstorming, and brain farts, our vision is becoming a reality. We strive to bring visual stimulation to every aspect of our company 

Kaheem and Raeann are the heartbeat of the collective, where mind and emotion come to life on canvas.

Dania is a sketch artist with a focus on the human form where organic expression comes to life.

Lamar is cataclysmic in terms of what he brings to life. It's both expressive and mind blowing.

Tien is a multi medium artist rejoining the scene with new and improved specialties.

Devo is the eye of the collective, the photographer, illustrator and graphic designer that gives our work that extra bit of life from a photographers viewpoint.



"I'm an artist. When you tell people that they usually say, 'what's your medium?'

I usually say, 'extra large." -Basquiat


Reinterpreting Figures

The team at Aquemini Dreams specialize in multiple mediums, originating from platforms around the board (drawing and sketches, abstract art, oils, acrylics and so much more). Our differences are what make us strong, but the dream is what keeps us moving toward the same goal. While our core is strong, we remain open to bringing other creatives on-board. 


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We take our vision into the street with support from our community and peers. We open ourselves to a plethora of elemental ideas and movements with a story to tell. There is no scene that we can't fit into.


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We at Aquemini Dreams are more than artists. We strive to move off the wall and onto the backs of those that support us. All apparel is made in-house, with love by brand creators Kaheem and Raeann Thomas.



Philadelphia, PA, USA


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